How To Cure Diabetes Permanently

Diabetes is now a common epidemic in Nigeria that cuts across all the strata of society. It is an epidemic affecting about 70 million Nigerians.

And because it is affecting so many millions of Nigerian people, you might be wondering, “can diabetes be cured?”

Scores of scientific research have gone into studying it.

Diabetes can be described as a condition that affects blood sugar (glucose) levels, that is it causes the sugar levels to too high. Insulin is hormone produce by the pancreas which helps to transport glucose from the bloodstream into the cells where it is used to produce energy. Diabetes is a consequence of the body’s inability to produce enough on its own or does not use insulin as it should, leaving behind excess sugar in the blood.

There are types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

The first type otherwise known as Type 1 diabetes, is an auto-immune disease brought about by cellular problems in the pancreas. Individuals who suffer from Type 1 diabetes cannot produce insulin. In Type 2 diabetes, which more popular, the body secretes less insulin than it requires.

However, there are two sides to this issue of diabetes cure. The orthodox medical establishment believed that it is incurable just like every other disease. But the natural medicine professionals strongly believed that there is no disease in the world without a cure.

Recent new scientific research established that diabetes is a curable disease. It can be cured permanently by metabolic and bariatric surgery.

In this guide, we will look at the two sides of the ‘proverbial coin’.

Diabetes is a grim disease often referred to as ‘Mother of all diseases’. This is because if not controlled, diabetes can cause scores of severe health problems, including eye disorders and blindness, heart disease, cardiovascular accident (stroke), nerve damage, kidney failure, unhealed sore, pregnancy problems, etc.

 Symptoms And Risk Factors of Diabetes

Individuals may be at increased risk of developing diabetes if the following apply to them:

Age 45 or older

Family history of diabetes

Overweight or obese

High blood pressure

Prediabetes or gestational diabetes when pregnant

History of physical inactivity

Symptoms of Diabetes Can Show In Several Ways, But Some Of The More Common Ones Include:

Frequent hunger, thirst, and urination

Unexplained weight loss or gain

Frequent or extreme tiredness

Wounds that heal slowly or poorly

Nerve damage (such as peripheral neuropathy and others)

Foot problems

Cardiovascular problems

Sticky urine

Dry skin

Weak eyesight


Weight fluctuation

Low sexual drive

Causes of Diabetes:


Inappropriate nutrition



Inactive lifestyle


Steroids drugs

 Alcoholic beverages consumption

High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Too much consumption of sugar

Complications/Effects of Diabetes:

Kidney Problems

Heart disease

Erectile Dysfunction (impotence)


Stomach nerve damage

 Retinopathy and Glaucoma

Joint disorders

Teeth and gums problems


Diabetic Coma

Types Of Surgery To Cure Diabetes

Different types of surgeries can radically end diabetes. However, the type of surgery that is appropriate depends on weight, any health conditions that individuals may have, the experience and the expertise of the surgeon, etc.

Ileal Interposition:

This is a Metabolic Surgery procedure that is used to treat overweight/obese diabetic patients.

This procedure is applied by putting the ileum (distal region of the small intestine) either between the stomach and the proximal region of the small intestine or by placing the ileum to the proximal region of the small intestine without touching the natural connections of the stomach.


The surgery increases the production of the GLP-1 hormone, this hormone triggers the beta cells of the pancreas and increases the production of insulin.

Also, this surgery helps control the level of blood sugar within the 6 months.

The surgery has recorded a success rate above 80% though this depended upon the post-surgical management and care.

Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) Surgery:

This is a weight-loss surgery that minimizes the size of the tummy to a small-sized pouch.

This is done by clipping off a section of the stomach.

Then the surgeon attaches this small pouch directly to the small intestine, bypassing most of the rest of the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine. This significantly limits food consumption and the amount of fat as well as calories assimilated into the body.

  Benefit/ Advantages:

Nearly 60% of people are without signs of diabetes after surgery.

Individuals usually lose 60% to 70% of their extra weight.

Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy):

Sleeve Gastrectomy is a type of surgery that gets rid of a large part of the stomach and consequently brings about weight loss. The rest of the stomach becomes narrow and offers a much smaller tank for food. This operation reduces ‘Ghrelin’ the hormone that makes people feel hungry.  

 Benefit/ Advantages:

More than 80% of people show no signs of diabetes after the surgical operation.

People generally lose 50% of their extra weight.

For type 1 diabetes surgery require a pancreatic transplant as well as a kidney transplant which is a rare procedure. This surgery has not gained popularity among the people because of the scarcity of donor pancreas.

Now let us dissect natural remedies available for diabetes cure permanently.

Home Remedies To Manage Diabetes Permanently Health

Bitter gourd

Individuals with diabetes should pay attention to bitter gourd juice because of the presence of hypoglycaemic biochemical compounds that are beneficial for addressing high blood sugar hence useful for managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


½ cup of bitter gourd juice in the morning is one of the perfect remedies for diabetes.

Bengal gram

Consuming Bengal gram is good for glucose tolerance which automatically lowers the risk of diabetes. Bengal gram is considered good for chronic diabetes.

Bitter melon

Bitter melon is anti-diabetic due to the availability of charanti and polypeptide-p, which are excellent for reducing blood sugar levels as expected.


 Take ½ to ¼ cup of bitter melon juice in the morning.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are known to have galactomannan. Galactomannan is beneficial for limiting the rate of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.


Soak 10g of fenugreek seeds in a cup of hot water. Drink afterward.

Indian gooseberry

Consuming amla helps to control high sugar levels. It also has chromium, which regulates carbs, hence excellent for insulin.


The mixture of Indian gooseberry and bitter gourd juice helps to stimulate the pancreatic cells and lower the blood sugar.


Taking Jamun is perfect for insulin regulation.


Chew about 4 to 5 leaves in the morning and evening. This has shown positive effects on diabetes.

Bay leaf


Taking a mixture of bay leaf and turmeric as well as ½ teaspoon of aloe vera gel before and after dinner is useful for reducing sugar.

Mango leaves

Put mango leaves into a glass of water overnight.

Filter in the morning and drink.

This is excellent for sugar patients.

Turmeric powder

A mixture of honey and turmeric powder, as well as dried gooseberry powder, is recognized for its positive effects on diabetes.

Curry leaf

 Chewing curry leaves two times or three times per day is beneficial for the patients.

Best 10 Ayurveda medicines for diabetes

Take Rose apple, Bel, and Neem on empty stomach.


Methi seeds (100gm), turmeric (50gm), white pepper, and a glass of milk.

Amalaki Churna, Turmeric powder, and Naag Bhasma.

Bel leaves

Copper vessel water in the morning

Tulsi, neem, and belpatras leaves


Bastard flower and sugar

Powder of stem of Indian Sarsaparilla, Tamala leaf, and root of glycyrrhiza

8 Homeopathic medicine to treat diabetes:


Syzygium Jambolanum

Aurum Metallicum

Uranium Nitricum

Arsenicum Bromatum


Phosphoric acid

Lactic acid

7 Unani medicine for diabetes:

Black pepper oil

Fennel oil

Juniper oil

Carrot oil

Eucalyptus oil

Geranium oil

Lemon oil

How to cure diabetes naturally

The following naturopathic treatments are useful in the treatment and management of diabetes.

Mud Therapy


Coldwater bathing

Massage Therapy

Sun Bath

Morning walk

Best Diabetic Diet:

Morning: Bitter gourd juice

Breakfast: Sprouted gram and Amla juice

Lunch: Roti, vegetables, salad, curd, buttermilk

Evening: Gram and vegetable soup

Dinner: Roti, vegetables, and salad

Top Diabetic Vegetables and Fruits:

Fibrous fruits







Bitter gourd









Best Juice for Diabetes:

Following juices are excellent for diabetes patients

Grapefruit juice







String bean pod tea

Diabetic Prevention Methods:

Stay Away from the following:


Fast and junk foods (processed foods)




Cold drinks


Junk food

Oily and fried


Fine flour




The Best Natural Remedy For Diabetes:

For the best natural remedies for diabetes, an individual has to consist of the following herbs or medicines in the diet.






Aloe vera

Bitter melon

Milk thistle

Holy basil

How to Reduce Blood Sugar Fast?

Miraculous ways to reduce blood sugar levels naturally and fast

Make physical exercise a constant habit.

Combat stress through yoga and meditation.

Focus on fiber

Take more and more water

Reduce the consumption of carbs

Eat foods that have a low glycemic index e.g. seafood, legumes, fiber, sprouts, etc.

Check your sugar levels regularly

Give preference to sound sleep

Regular use of fenugreek seeds

Increase the consumption of foods, which are rich in chromium and magnesium.

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