How to Lose Weight Effortlessly and Keep It Off Forever Fast Naturally and Permanently

My name is Mary Unne and I will like to you show my journey to how I lose stubborn fat and exactly step by step I took to keep it off forever without changing my diet.

In this guide, you will discover the simple steps that will allow you to lose weight faster and easier than ever before and keep it off once and all. I can guarantee you that the following steps work.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life.

I was a fat girl.

I tried every diet, every weight loss pill, and even went as far as hiring a personal trainer. I exercised for about 5 hours every day.

It is so sad that whatever I lost, I gained back in quick time.

What a pitiable vicious cycle!

When I was losing fat I was hungry, tired, and sullen.

I didn’t understand what the problem was until I traveled abroad. I realized that I was eating anything yet I was losing weight without conscious effort on my part.

Whilst on the journey, I discovered the reasons why people are becoming overweight.

The easy workable steps describe here will turn your body into a fat-burning furnace and bring your weight to its original state.

Also, the steps are highly beneficial to your overall health.

1. Take a glass of water immediately upon arising.

If possible the water should be distilled.

Avoid tap water.

This begins the body’s metabolism and cleansing.

2. Eat a big breakfast.

It is disheartening to observe that 80% of overweight people eat a small breakfast or none at all.

80% of the thin people eat a large breakfast.

Your breakfast should be comprised of as much as you want of these items.

Remember everything mentioned  should be organic:











 Rye bread

Raw butter (raw means not pasteurized and not homogenized)

 Raw milk

 Plain yogurt (this means no sugar or fruit)

 Wild smoked salmon

 Beef in any form as long as it’s organic

 Chicken in any form as long as it’s organic

 Lamb in any form as long as it’s organic









 Any vegetable

 Potatoes in limited amounts

 Coffee in limited amounts made with pure water (not tap water)

 With raw milk or cream

Raw evaporated sugar cane juice or honey as a sweetener

 Real tea (not tea in tea bags contact us for organic, healthy tea).

3. Drink eight glasses of distilled water each day.

Most individuals think drinking water will make them gain weight and bloated.

But this isn’t true.

If you are overweight you need to drive out toxins from your fat cells.

Water is certainly needed for you to lose weight.

4. Walk for at least 1 hour, nonstop, every day.

The human body is designed to walk.

Research establishes that slow, rhythmic movement exercise, for instance walking, reset your body’s weight set point and creates a thin, lean body.

A 1-hour walk per day will transform your body radically within 30 days.

5. Do not eat after six p.m.

Endeavor to stick with this come what may.

On the other hand, you can eat practically like a pig all day long.

And if you stop eating after 6:00 p.m., you still lose weight!

6. Do a candida cleanse.

If you are overweight, you primarily, certainly have a candida yeast overgrowth perhaps throughout your whole body.

It will be quite difficult or impossible to lose weight if you have this condition.

But if you eliminate the excess candida, losing weight will be easy and effortless like a stroll in a park.

7. Do a colon cleanse.

If you are overweight, your digestive system is certainly slow and lethargic.

Unless you are having 3 bowel movements every day, you are constipated.

Colon cleansing will significantly increase your metabolism and you can lose nearly 10 pounds by simply eliminating the entrenched toxins in your colon.

8. Consume 100% organic, virgin, unrefined coconut oil.

9. Use infrared saunas.

Infrared saunas increase metabolism, dramatically reduce toxins, speed weight loss, and burn fat. For best it should be done daily.

10. Eat organic grapefruits all day.

There are enzymes found in grapefruit that helps to burn fat. Hence eating grapefruits all day like many, and as often as you wish, will quicken the fat burning process.

11. Avoid aspartame or any artificial sweeteners by 100%

Aspartame (being sold under different brand names) will you make you fat.

Also, all other artificial sweeteners including saccharin or anything else should be shunned completely.

12. Absolutely no monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is an excitotoxin that makes you fat, and also causes all sorts of medical problems, and can affect your mood thereby making you feeling depressed and lost.

It can also be physically addicting like aspartame and ultimately make you hungrier. This is the major reason you should go natural with your foods because MSG is part and parcel of all fast food such as pizza, shawarma, etc.

13. Take digestive enzymes.

If you are overweight there is a great possibility your body is not secreting sufficient digestive enzymes leading to accumulation of body weight, bloating, gas, indigestion as well as constipation.

14. Absolutely no diet sodas or diet food.

Diet sodas are the “new crack” because they are somehow physically addictive.

They make individuals fat.

Diet foods are mostly loaded with ingredients that will make you fat and make you physically addicted.

15. No fast food or chain restaurants.

They sell fast foods that will certainly make you fat.

There is no harm if you are sure that the food doesn’t contain chemical additives.

16. No high fructose corn syrup.

This sweetener makes you fat and is physically addictive.

The sweeteners that are used in food produced naturally include organic honey, organic molasses, organic fruit juice, organic dates, the herb stevia, and evaporated sugar cane juice. Simply read the labels and if you can’t pronounce them, don’t buy them!

17.  Avoid white sugar or white flour completely

White sugar is physically addicting and makes you fat.

Use natural sweeteners (you can choose from those mentioned above) if you need to sweeten your food.

White flour makes you fat, physically addicting, and clogs up the digestive system, thus slow down your metabolism.

Use organic, unprocessed whole grain flours.

18. Eat organic apples all day.

Remember the old aphorism that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Apples are rich in fiber and nutrients. They help to normalize your blood sugar and reduce appetite.

Ensure that you eat one apple per day at least. Though the more the better.

19. Consume only organic meat, poultry, and fish.

One of the reasons you are overweight is as a result of growth hormones put in the meat and the poultry.  If you want to lose weight, eat as much meat and poultry as you like as long as it is organic, grass-fed, ideally kosher, and most importantly, has not been given growth hormones.

The fish you eat should not be farm-raised but wild-caught.

20. Limit dairy products.

If you are going to consume milk, cheese, and butter as well as any dairy products, make sure you eat only organic products that have not been pasteurized or homogenized.

The dairy products should be labeled “organic and raw”.

If you want to lose body fat, you should limit dairy irrespective of what you intend to benefit from its consumption. Avoid completely any dairy products that are not organic because they will have growth hormones and this will disrupt your weight goals.

21. Do a liver cleanse.

If you are overweight your liver is most definitely clogged. Hence do a liver and gall bladder cleanse using natural herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

22. Eat a big, huge salad at lunch and dinner.

Cultivate a habit of generously consuming salads along with your meals. Ensure your salad is rich in veggies and they are organic. The salad dressing should be organic olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, or organic vinegar.

 If you want to speed the weight loss process, use organic apple cider vinegar.

Add some organic sea salt, fresh ground pepper, or some garlic for taste.

23. Rebound.

A rebounder, or mini trampoline, allows you to stimulate and strengthen every cell in the body simultaneously. Gently jumping up and down on a rebounder for just ten minutes a day stimulates the lymphatic system and increases your metabolism.

It is very effective for health and weight loss.

24. Add hot peppers.

Anything spicy or hot will intensify your metabolism and make you burn fat faster.

25. Use organic apple cider vinegar.

This has some magical property which helps remove fat cells from the body.

Take some teaspoons before each meal and you will experience a rapid loss of fat.

26. Breathe.

Oxygen burns fat.

Scores of individuals don’t breathe adequately to induce their metabolism and fat-burning capacities. Make sure you correct your breathing system if you need to.

27. Wear magnetic finger rings.

Special magnet rings worn on the little finger of each hand while you sleep can have amazing results.

28. Get fifteen colonies in 30 days.

This process will clean your colon, making it easier for your body to assimilate nutrients. This reduces hunger and increases metabolism.

 Colonies also allow your body to digest food faster so that it will not turn to fat.

29. Add muscle.

Muscle burns fat.

When you add muscle through exercise you are increasing your body’s metabolism.

The best way to do this is yoga, Pilates, Chinese kung fu, or old fashion basic exercises.

30. Fast.

This should be number one, but for most individuals, this is difficult to do.

Going on a proper juice fast for 21 days will completely detoxify your body, eliminate fat cells, and reset your body’s weight set point.

 It is one of the fastest ways to lose weight, and one of the most effective ways to change the body’s set point so that you will not gain the weight back.

However, this should be done under supervision depending upon your medical condition.

Consult your doctor or health care professional for guidance.

31. Cheat whenever you want.

Do you crave ice cream, cookies, cakes, chocolate, french fries, pizza, potato chips?

 Don’t deprive yourself.

 It’s better to eat something without guilt than not eat something and feel bad about it.

Not eating food and being stressed about it can make you fat.

Eating food and feeling guilty and bad about it makes you obese.

32. Reduce or eliminate the “uncontrollable” urge to eat when you are not hungry.


It is quite astonishing that little things can add up and make a huge difference.

This list may seem overwhelming to you but the best around this is to pick one thing on the list and do it for a day.

Then, look for another thing on the list and, while still doing the first thing, add the second thing. Do that until you feel comfortable adding something else.

Keep in mind that the items at the top of the list are the most powerful and will create the fastest results.

These techniques work.

 Take charge and do what needs to be done.

 You’ll look better, you’ll feel better, and you will be healthier.

I am getting so much incredible feedback from people who are using the suggestions.

We have specially prepared organic food that contains exactly what to eat to lose weight no matter how long you have tried in the past.

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